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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gotten a reputation as being the big technological advancement of our time, but at the same time a force which stands to upend society. AI seems almost alien in all of its mystery, complexity, and implications. I want to prove that while the implications are enormous, the fundamental mathematical process driving it is understandable, and maybe even intuitive. Lets start with an analogy.

Consider how a lone blind explorer attempting to find the location the highest peak in his country. All that the person can do is walk North/South, walk East/West, or do a combination of those two. So, in this case, there are only two inputs the person has control over: the distance traveled North/South (lets call this Y) and the distance traveled East/West (lets call this X). The result of having traveled those two distances is his current location on the map and corresponding elevation. See the terrain below. At Y=0.5 miles North, X=0.5 miles South, for example, the current elevation would be Z=0.52 …


Aidan Gould

Northeastern University Mechanical Engineering Student

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